Minor surgery



The services of Gynaecology are: Complete control and observation of pregnancy, normal as well as risky.
3D and 4D Ultrasound scanning, available in our centre.
Cytology, with assessment made by pathologists.
Colphoscopy for biopsies directed in a uterus neck.
Microperiostcotomy for endometrial biopsies and other minor vulva-vaginal surgeries.
DIU insertion and control.
Diagnosis, treatment and observation of the breast, menopause and the osteoporosis.

Family and Community Medicine/ General practitioner

This service offers general medicine assistance and 24-hours emergency.
This service is free for CEM policyholders


Foot treatment: Chiropody (callus), insole, silicon separator, heels, papilloma, nail surgery, etc.

Clinical Laboratory

We have the sample taking point at our centre with complete laboratory service in the area of Jandia-Morro Jable.
Analysis of blood, urin, stool, sputum and exudates ( throat, eye, ear and vagina ).

Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine

Certificates of fitness to dive ( sport and professional diving ).
Consulting by a Speciallist in Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine.


Providing of conventional radiology like following X ray examinations : thorax, abdomen, extremities, cervical, dorsal and lumbar column, hips, skull, etc.