Catalogue of Services Focused on Tourism

We recognise how important is the tourist sector nowadays for Fuerteventura, it is the Island´s authentic engine. In this sense, and knowing the health care deficiency on the Island, we try to make a great effort to satisfy the needs of health care assistance of this important sector of the population ( although flouting ), which fully deserve it. You cannot miss the fact that the major is the satisfaction of the visitors of the Island, the major is the consolidation of the Island as a preferred tourist destiny for great numbre of Europeans all over the year.

Cem Professionals

We supervise at every moment that all professionals that provides medical service in different hotel establishments posses these qualities:

  1. Appropriate education and qualification for the work to carried out
  2. To be able to maintain the conversation in English language during the medical consulting without the need of interpreter
  3. Good looking and be pleasant to the people
  4. Exactness and diligence
  5. Vocational training for communication and co-ordination with Reception and PPRR Departments
  6. Appropriate training about the peculiar features of the system of work in the establishments and tour operators